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MGM studios 23rd May, 2016. We were really looking forward to this park and it was our last day in Orlando. Arrived at 9.30am at the *** for Terror Tower, 50 minutes wait. 10 minutes into the wait they explained a technical issue had arisen and waiting times would be longer than first suggested. Aftet a 90 minute wait the *** was progressing very slowly. We realised the fast pass system were allowing on average 36 people in, to two from the... Read more

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I went to WDW recently and was so disappointed. First, I started the mornings going through a metal detector. That felt special. Not only were rides constantly down, including new ones and old but goodies, but the lines were terrible. This was during a week ranked as a four out of ten in crowd levels on many sites. The cast members were indifferent and some outright rude. Out of several sit down table meals, I only had one that was worth... Read more

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Here's my letter to Disney regarding their Contemporary hotel: Hi, I rarely complain. I didn't complain when room 4511 was not clean. Hair in the bathtub, dusty shelves. I didn't complain when our tub wouldn't drain from day one. I asked for it to be fixed. They never fixed it. For 5 days, it backed up upon every use even though they said they fixed it. I now I'm complaining. Also, on Sunday, we returned to our room at 5:00 and the room was... Read more

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On Monday, May 2,2016 my family (5 adults) walked from Magic Kingdon, road a tram to EPCOT walked thru there, caught a boat with the final destination to be at Hollywood Studio for Mickeys Fantasmic. We made three stops on the boat and the next would have been Hollywood Studio. Before we could get going from stop 3 it began to rain. Pouring rain! We were told to exit into the rain at a resort we were not familiar with, got direction that were... Read more

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I have visited Disney many times over the years but have never taken my children before who are soon to be 7 years old. This was their first disney experience and a holiday of a life time from the United Kingdom, this whole Disney experience was the worst experience of my life. The magic kingdom being the worst part. The fast pass system is an absolute joke. We only mananged to get on two rides! Who wants to book all their fast past rides on my... Read more

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I just want to say i spent 8 thousand dollars to go to Disney with my three kids,ages 10,8 and 3 along with my mom,and it was the worst vacation of my life! !!!! Number one they consider my son who is only 10 an adult which is *** in my opinion, number two the food sucked,same dam thing every day, i felt like I was in prison,number three,the hotel room was too small for 5 people! I really don't want to even get into your overpriced things to... Read more

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We were there last wk we visited Disney world and animal kingdom. It was my grandchildrens first visit and I found that to meet the characters you had to wait up to 3 hours. As for the rest of the rides there was a 2to 3 hour wait and fast passes were sold out . It was very hot and waiting in the heat with a 3year old and a 18 mth old was not enjoyable after the money that I spent. For the parks and hotel. It was not worth it. . And I will... Read more

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Spent last Sunday at the Magic Kingdom-disgusted with how dirty the park is Everywhere! Restaurant tables filthy, trash/food under the tables just left there. Took 15 minutes for someone to sweep under one particular table, after I requested it to be swept, and then only cleaned 1/2 of the area and then walked away. Another restaurant observed same table being "cleaned" over and over while the employee oogled all the girls walking by; (Yay H1-B... Read more

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My family, like everyone else, has saved for a very long time to be able to travel to Disney. We had our tickets and our fast pass set up. On our 1st ride, the employee said they were not busy, so she let us go early. She said she needed to approve our fast passes. That is when everything went wrong. Apparently whatever she did locked up our fastpass account. Since the park was so packed and wait times for rides were so long, i decided to call... Read more

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I returned home today from a week's stay at Animal Kingdom. I've visited the parks many times throughout the last forty years and some of my best and most vivid memories are of moments in Disney World. My favorite memories include the magical, sincere smiles and encouraging words coming from Disney employees. Stellar customer service is what caused my middle class parents to save up and then spend their money on Disney vacations. My father... Read more

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