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Disney World - Disney a Nightmare come true, car accidents, shower accident, trapped in my wheel chair!
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This is portions of a letter I sent Disney they refuse to respond to : Trouble started from go! I booked our entire trip on your online Disney go site. It showed the trip ,but then changed to only rooms after it was booked. No tickets, no flight, even though they were booked and showing on the confirmation page. I called the number on the site and was told there was an error on the website that kept changing my daughters age and wouldn't let... Read more

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Visited from June 3-12, 2016. Seventh visit to the parks. Disney has definitely lost it's magic. I walk with a 4 pronged cane. No less than 5 times during the visit did I get knocked down or have the cane knocked right out of my hand by inconsiderate parents who could not control their children. When the parents weren't schooling their children how to bulrush through lines instead of waiting their turn, they completly left them to fend for... Read more

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Horrible customer service. These people do not know their job and nothing is their fault. What am I paying for here

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We are at the Magic Kingdom now. June 13 2016. We have been here at least 4 hours. We have only been able to ride a few rides and are now in a 90 minute wait line for Peter Pan.. Children crying, parents frustrated! My 6 year old grandson sobbing ! Wanting to go home! We spent a lot of money coming here from St. Louis This is such a affront to the public!! What people from other countries think has to be pitiful. I don't understand how... Read more

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I have been to Disney at least 50 times love it, but on a recent trip I went to world of Disney as I always do and hated it the layout, the checkout everything about it, I couldn't find a thing. Put it back the way it was this is the first year I didn't have to ship anything back.Now let's go to Towncenter it was beautiful to bad it caters only to the wealthy, they are the only ones who can afford to shop or dine .I understand why you put the... Read more

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Disney movies are becoming nothing more than brain washing filth. Frozen princess 2, will be ***? Really?

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Ipad and wallet stolen from room

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MGM studios 23rd May, 2016. We were really looking forward to this park and it was our last day in Orlando. Arrived at 9.30am at the *** for Terror Tower, 50 minutes wait. 10 minutes into the wait they explained a technical issue had arisen and waiting times would be longer than first suggested. Aftet a 90 minute wait the *** was progressing very slowly. We realised the fast pass system were allowing on average 36 people in, to two from the... Read more

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I went to WDW recently and was so disappointed. First, I started the mornings going through a metal detector. That felt special. Not only were rides constantly down, including new ones and old but goodies, but the lines were terrible. This was during a week ranked as a four out of ten in crowd levels on many sites. The cast members were indifferent and some outright rude. Out of several sit down table meals, I only had one that was worth... Read more

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Here's my letter to Disney regarding their Contemporary hotel: Hi, I rarely complain. I didn't complain when room 4511 was not clean. Hair in the bathtub, dusty shelves. I didn't complain when our tub wouldn't drain from day one. I asked for it to be fixed. They never fixed it. For 5 days, it backed up upon every use even though they said they fixed it. I now I'm complaining. Also, on Sunday, we returned to our room at 5:00 and the room was... Read more

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