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    • Parks 2
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    • Fast pass system 7
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Me and my family were at animal kingdom at Disney. We dealt with a rude cast member Kelly pare. This creep was a *** and said weird things on the safari ride. Inappropriate things for kids to be around. This loser is a *** and shouldn't be around kids or doing this. Watch out for the dumb creep Me and my family were at animal kingdom at Disney. We dealt with a rude cast member Kelly pare. This creep was a *** and said weird things on the... Read more

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I would have given a much higher rating to my experience with the Disney Contemporary Resort has it not been the undoing of one particularly "unforgettable" Guest Experience Personnel by the name of Mariam. To make the long story short, I had our four pieces of luggage (plus one American Girl bag) taken downstairs for storage at approximately 1am by a gentleman prior to our check-out that morning (my daughter and I didn't return from the Magic... Read more

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August 2, 2016 I am a lifelong 49-year-old Floridian. I have been at odds with myself to complain because it’s not something I generally do. I thought time would heal my wounds. But after many months of thought due to the issue crossing my mind as I enjoyed other theme parks here in Florida this summer with my grandchildren, I really need to express my concerns after seeing a commercial on the Magic Kingdom last night. The only baring the... Read more

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Just returned from the Worst stay at what used to be a great place to vacation. Yes it can be on the pricey side but i used to love and dream of going back year after year. These last 2 years staying at Higher end resorts have killed the desire to return anytime soon. Staff acts and looks unhappy. Which rubs off on the guest. Just saying its the most Magical place on earth does not make it so. From room cleanliness to poor customer service in... Read more

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Just returned from our most recent trip to Disney/Epcot/Animal Kingdom. Used the new fast passes two years ago on previous trip and were unhappy but gave it one more shot. At Animal Kingdom Standby said 40 minutes for Exp Everest so my wife went to the Nemo Show as she does not ride coasters. 75 min later still not on the ride but fast pass people were pouring in. While we all watched. She loaded 10 min fast pass then two groups from Standby... Read more

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Disney World - Disney a Nightmare come true, car accidents, shower accident, trapped in my wheel chair!
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This is portions of a letter I sent Disney they refuse to respond to : Trouble started from go! I booked our entire trip on your online Disney go site. It showed the trip ,but then changed to only rooms after it was booked. No tickets, no flight, even though they were booked and showing on the confirmation page. I called the number on the site and was told there was an error on the website that kept changing my daughters age and wouldn't let... Read more

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Visited from June 3-12, 2016. Seventh visit to the parks. Disney has definitely lost it's magic. I walk with a 4 pronged cane. No less than 5 times during the visit did I get knocked down or have the cane knocked right out of my hand by inconsiderate parents who could not control their children. When the parents weren't schooling their children how to bulrush through lines instead of waiting their turn, they completly left them to fend for... Read more

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Horrible customer service. These people do not know their job and nothing is their fault. What am I paying for here

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We are at the Magic Kingdom now. June 13 2016. We have been here at least 4 hours. We have only been able to ride a few rides and are now in a 90 minute wait line for Peter Pan.. Children crying, parents frustrated! My 6 year old grandson sobbing ! Wanting to go home! We spent a lot of money coming here from St. Louis This is such a affront to the public!! What people from other countries think has to be pitiful. I don't understand how... Read more

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I have been to Disney at least 50 times love it, but on a recent trip I went to world of Disney as I always do and hated it the layout, the checkout everything about it, I couldn't find a thing. Put it back the way it was this is the first year I didn't have to ship anything back.Now let's go to Towncenter it was beautiful to bad it caters only to the wealthy, they are the only ones who can afford to shop or dine .I understand why you put the... Read more

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